Solving Unique Human Problem


Why Polar ID?

  • Zero Storage

    No storage of biometrics of any form. No need to worry about the storage.

  • On the Go Key generation

    ON the Go private key generation for encryption and signing

  • Privacy-preserving signatures

    Generating self soverign and privacy preserving biometric credentials with ZKPS

  • AI minimalist

    Simple feature detection algorithm for biometric key generation.

  • Type-Independent

    You can use any type of biometric input, eg: iris, fingerprint, face, etc.

  • Accessible to Everyone

    Easy registration with mobile devics and no centralized or sophisticated hardware.

Use Cases


Biometric Identities for DAOs

Self Sovreign Biometric Identities for DAOs

  • Eliminating dependence on third party or government isued ID's
  • Offers a decentralized platform for credential storage, verification, and transaction
  • Users can publish their credentials in form of zero knowledge proofs
  • Anyone on the chain can verify the credentials

Universal Login

Universal Login With One Biometric Credential

  • Users are prompted to authenticate via their unique biometric data.
  • Digitally signed using the user's biometrics
  • Leveraging Zero-Knowledge (ZK) credentials
  • Transmits encrypted data securely

Bootstraping Social Graph

Boot Straping Social Graph Based Proof Of Personhood

  • Implementing a bootstrapped approach to social graph-based proof of personhood
  • Augmented with biometric credentials
  • Establishing a robust, verifiable foundation within communities.
  • Collaboratively construct transparent identity systems grounded in social graph connections

Proof of Personhood

PolarID: Solution for

PolarID Empower to create biometric credential


Organisations generates credentials from government ids


Users generate their own credentials using their government backed credentials like government id, phone number , passport. Anyone can verify these credentials onchain


Please reach out to learn more about how you can get involved.

Together, through Polar-ID, we can create a more just and inclusive digital future for all.